Enneagolf na Liderança

Individual Programs

For executives who practice golf, this is a 9 Vertices® methodology based program that uses the golf course as an environment to bring new levels of performance in its executive leadership and business. As a result is sure to improve your Golf …
  • Number of Sessions: 3
  • Sessions: 4 hours each
  • Minimum number of participants: 2

Group Programs

Group dynamics are highly impactful when developed in an absorbent environment like the Golf. Depending on the proposed objectives are leadership, communication, performance, adaptation to change, among others, games and dynamic form are developed to encourage the involvement of all participants.
Based on the 9 Vertices® methodology  this program is prepared to join golfers with participants who have never had any contact with the sport.
  • Minimal number of Sesions: 1
  • Value per Session: Under a Proposal
  • Sessions: 4 to 6 hours each
* Exclusive for programs carried out in Portugal
About the Programs
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