Enneagolf – Hole in Holiday

Individual and Group Programs

For those who loves the practice of Golf. This a 9 Vertices® Methodology program that will revolutionize the way you play breathe and live Golf. Alone or with your Golf friends this an experience that you will never forget.
Relaxed and impacted program that show us an other way of playing the game.
More than Golf, More than Leadership and more than Life All in Holiday is an outstanding experience about you and the way you understand your self in the golf course.
Performance, Identity and Consistence will be explore in a way that you understand your golf and will allow you to consistently grows you game and pleasure.

  • Minimum number of sessions: 3 sessions.
  • Sessions: 4 hours / each
  • Minimum participants: 2 persons

About the Program

A unique golf program witch is an excellent opportunity to serious improve your golf while you are in golf vacations.
You will practice your favorite sport and become aware about the way you unconscious play.

We bring you a new experience of learning how your inner golf and how you can improves it. You will be surprise how much you will learn about yourself…
As a bonus you might achieve amazing/astonishing new results.
This program is supported on the wisdom knowledge of the Enneagram.