The Enneagram comes from the greek “Enneagramus” nine (Ennea) and points (gramus) that maps the way each one of us behaves, feels and acts.

Enneagram is not just personality typing technology, but a precious map that helps us to understand the way we act whenever we are under stress or feel secure. We learn in a dynamic way what need to be done in order to revert those unbalance moments and sustain those secure ones.

Personality is our sustained protection system and has been helping us to “survive” many times. For that reason, our personality will always be present in our life, leadership and on the Golf course.

The wisdom is not to fight it but learn how to use it! A sport like Golf can be a tremendous instrument to find how the wisdom of Enneagram can help us to mastery ourselves and our leadership. In competition as in Business.

Enneagram in Golf and Leadership

The business environment is highly competitive and with constant threats and opportunities which requires the establishment of rules, ethical codes and performance dynamics. The leadership challenges for a corporate executive are in many ways similar to golf due to its complexity and its constant changes.

Golf and business leadership have had strong and privileged connections for long time, a fact that enforces the Enneagolf Program through the introduction of two powerful tools – the Enneagram as a map of the psychological character and Coaching as a proven methodology applied to performance. The hobby is highly motivating for an executive that plays golf independently of his technical level or it’s mastery of the game relevant facts that won’t impact the guaranteed results he will achieve as leader.

Here the focus changes: the executive himself! These characteristics of Enneagolf Program for Leadership gives a unique experience which combines fun with profound learning and lasting effects on leadership.Bring your company and its leadership onto the golf course and be fascinated with what can be learned from the game and from yourself…

You will be surprised in the way your leadership and your game will increasingly improve.

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EnneaGolf and Competition

This is a Premium program for those who are determinant to pursue the greater challenges! Aimed for hose who want to go beyond excellence and get into the restrict territory of true champions! Strictly designed for high competition in golf it aims to boost performance in a powerful shape as fastest possible and pursue relevant and  sustained results with lasting effects.

The intervention focus on  profound motivations of the athletes and what’s their recurrent believes which are limiting their sustain performance. We analyze performance every angles and levels of attitude, thought process, emotions and also the existing relations: with him/herself, others and involving environment.This Program revolutionizes the shape and effects of traditional “sports coaching”.

We act in balance and respect of the uniqueness of the personality each player has and its conscious and unconscious “known” and “unknown” abilities in a sustained  and ecological way. We have conceived this intervention tailored to each player complementary and respectful to each partaker of the process.

Note: Technical coaching shall continuing as usual independently Enneagolf program

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Forming Kids

Kids between 10 and 14 years old

Even beginning to practice at an early age and having talent, it is very hard to achieve a high level in sports performance in golf. Later, parents and coaches can come to find that “he” or “she” passed right next to a great career.

This Enneagolf program aims to support the less visible processes and more unaware of the young practitioner and which are essential to underpin the technical and behavioral aspects that golf requires.

We work in line with the coach * and parents, in full respect for the personality development of young golfers and take properly their aspects of personal development, work with tools for the discovery of positive states and control of counterproductive habits, preparation and support at different levels of maturity and its relationship with golf, emotional behavior management in successful relationship / frustration, among others and in accordance with the needs of youth at each stage of its evolutionary process by introducing the basics of methodology “9 Vertice’s®” in sports.

(* Note: it is not done on a technical level golf, that is not taught proper techniques of the game, it is rather a infraestruturante work on which the practitioner will firmly seat the technical and their own sporting performance).

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Eneagrama 9 Tipos de Golfers