ENNEAGOLF is a revolutionary approach of Coaching using the magic game of golf.
As week-end player or as a professional golfer you already notice the influence of your mind on your golf results.

Enneagolf brings you a revolutionary approach using our personality patterns, the game of golf and the way we lead.

Enneagolf offers a new way to look in leading performance and helps us to understand how our personality type influences the way we face any Golf Shot or any Leadership Decision.

EnneaGolf is a revolutionary program that join the ancient wisdom of The Enneagram and the Game of Golf.


Golf as life, is more mental than physical…

If you really want to master your life or your golf you must master your mind.

Have you ever had considered how similar is the way you lead and the way you approach the Golf game?

Have you ever thought about how your brain acts at the moment you play a simple Golf shot? Can you imagine just for a second how many unconscious believes act in the moment you play that single shot?

Can you imagine how those same believes affect the way you lead and take decisions?

On the golf course, when we became aware of our inner patterns, we became conscious of most of our positive and negative strategies. That’s the first step to master your performance as a leader.

Here are some patterns that can destroy our game and our leadership:

⦁ Taking a negative emotion from the previous shot or decision.
⦁ Assuming that “It’s just not my day.”
⦁ Expecting too much from you and always testing yourself in any shot or decision.
⦁ Focus on what “You Don’t want” instead of focus on “What You Want”
⦁ Look at your putt or someone from your team as your worst enemy
⦁ Thinking of “Quitting the game.”
⦁ Playing a shot or taking a decision when You’re not mentally ready or haven’t practiced your inner routine (we hope you already have one.)
⦁ Criticizing yourself too much after a bad shot or a bad decision.
⦁ Becoming too confident after a good shot or a good decision .

That’s why Golf is so magic and so similar with Leadership. Both are a “game” between you and yourself no matter how many people surrounds you.

EnneaGolf Vs Coaching

What distinguishes EnneaGolf from a regular Coaching Program?

Adding to all those good reflections that a Coaching program brings, Enneagolf studies how your personality influence  the way you approach the game and the leadership. Beside that what better place to know a Human Being than a Golf course?

The way a “perfectionist” plays a shot or take a decision substantially varies for a person with a more anxious personality. Identifying Personality Patterns can make all the difference in the way you approach your development and sustain your improvements.

In EnneaGolf depending on your specific personality profile, different approaches will be set  to guaranty your sustainable success.